MEP Education has partnered with SGEL ELE to create a site based in the US, so that teachers here can explore and purchase the materials the SGEL publishers for teaching and learning Spanish as a second language.  

MEP Education is the largest distributor of language learning materials from Europe in the United States.  For over 50 years we have been making the best language learning materials published in Spain, France, Germany, and Italy available in the United States.  It is our goal to be more than just a sales outlet for these materials, and we are committed to offering a complete service.  From pedagogical support through technical support, rely on us to be your partner in the classroom.

SGEL began publishing in 1970 with the publication of some of the materials that have made history in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  Building on the experience of so many years dedicated to the world of teaching and learning Spanish, SGEL continues to publish materials that respond to the needs of new times, of new generations of teachers and students who demand a greater eclecticism of methodological approaches.  Currently, SGEL's textbooks have digital versions and interactive workbooks, videos on Youtube, and more.  SGEL is committed to publishing books that transmit the Hispanic language and culture.